About Us

Energise is a boutique Health & Fitness centre

We are  located in Broomfield but also offer weekly group classes in and around the Riccarton area. Our passion is helping our clients to lead a happy healthy lifestyle while achieving and maintaining their goals, through their exercise, nutrition and mindset. We ensure the program they are on suit their current goals, timeframe and lifestyle. Making exercise fun and achievable in a supportive community, in return ensures lasting results.

About Lorraine

Lorraine, originally from Ireland, has been in the fitness industry for over 13 years.

A busy working mum of two small kids, Lorraine knows all too well the struggle to balancing it all. Her passion is to help her clients find a balance and ensure the right program is in place to suit her clients current needs and lifestyle. Lorraine enjoys helping her clients make sustainable changes that will last and loves nothing more than a “light bulb moment” for her clients when it all just clicks and the changes happen.

Lorraine has a passion for outdoor fitness from trail running, hiking, biking and all things adventure, she also loves a good sweat session and is know for her “Irish timing” when it comes to her classes. If you are looking for a fun environment and a welcoming smile be sure to get along to a session soon.

About Angela

Angela loves health and fitness, she enjoys strength training and participating in sport such as Bjj and ice hockey.

Originally from Canada Ang has been training in the fitness industry for six years her favourite classes to teach are strength training and functional aerobic workouts. Nothing fills her bucket more than seeing her clients accomplish goals. Specifically she enjoys teaching women to be strong! Building a bit of strength in the gym, leads to being strong in all aspects of their life!

It’s more than physical strength, it’s mental and spiritual too.
Ang loves encouraging this and likes to add a few small weekly tasks to her clients regime that make a big difference. Ang can be know for tricking her clients into thinking ALL workouts are “super fun” they may not seem “super fun” but they keep coming back for more.

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